Who are we ?

Who are we ?


Because we all come from somewhere!

Birth of FitnessTerapy in 2020 during the health crisis that the world suffered with a new pandemic.

It was the beginning of the Covid19 crisis But also the beginning for us of an innovative concept, (Fitnessterapy) imagined by friends and sports enthusiasts at home.

An online website specializing in home fitness, nutrition, well-being, sport and fitness.

3 months later after the creation of fitnessterapy more than 1000 Men and Women were followers of our brand.

Exponential growth, with a launch of the brand at more than 50K turnover achieved in the first two months of launch.

We always seek to innovate with quality products and services and never offer on any other sports website to satisfy our customers who are fans of home fitness and bodybuilding or outdoor sports.

This is why we collaborate with influencers, we develop the brand with an omnichannel and marketplace presence.

We offer training in the bodybuilding program, dry program and mass gain, training and weight loss program, cooking recipes for athletes, energy drinks and sports nutrition, nutrition, fitness, rehabilitation, tailor-made coaching and personalized adapt to your needs with our sports coach.

From yesterday to today, FitnessTerapy is a vast story of sport , products , but above all of women and men . Selection of historical moments that have made the brand's small and big successes.

2021 We develop the brand internationally with good feedback in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Latin America.

Why Fitness Therapy?

Don't look too far...

Because for us fitness is therapy.

The creators of Fitnessterapy form a motivated team. Even if they are inexperienced in the retail sector, they have two things in common: their determination and their passion for the sport . When they are not working, they play sports together: football, boxing, skiing, cycling, paddle, beach volleyball, and more!


Above all, it means being attentive, as close as possible to customers.
Our customers are above all, like us, sportsmen

Mr Maco


"The goal of the day is not to have the biggest turnover, but to see our customers come back in six months, in two years. It is forbidden to deceive a customer at Fitnessterapy."

We manage the logistics!

To transport a product from the producing country to the country that wishes to distribute it, there are three types of transport: shipping , railway Or aerial . At European level, there is also the solution road .

Before arriving in store or at your home, our products go through our logistics network .
This network is 73 warehouses and logistics platforms , distributed around the world, which allow us to serve the countries in which we are present.

How does it work concretely?
The country that manufactures our products sends them to a distributing country in a warehouse, called the Continental Supply Center (CAC), which itself distributes to other local warehouses, called Regional Supply Centers (CAR). 

Our priorities:

When you leave your opinion about one of our products or one of our services, everything is sent to the teams concerned (product manager, store manager, etc.). We promise to respond to 100% of negative reviews.
Your feedback is important to us and contributes to constantly improving the products and services we offer you!

Quality sports products at the best prices.

Since 1976, at Fitnessterapy, we believe in the benefits of sport. Each member of the team is determined to make the sport accessible to as many people as possible.

Competent sports advisors.

Our team of online sports advisors will educate you about sports as if you were a best friend, family or team member. Dare to ask your questions by phone or email, Messenger.

Happiness is guaranteed.

At Fitnessterapy, we want to build long-term relationships with our customers, our employees. Our products are intended to encourage all people to play sports, regardless of ability or status.

Quality at a fair price

The formula is simple: the prices are very close to the real cost of production. We therefore do not hesitate to lower our profit margins to allow you to have access to sports equipment at the best possible price-quality ratio.