Swimwear for practicing aquafitness

Swimwear for practicing aquafitness

There are many models of swimsuits for practicing aquafitness.

The first wish when choosing a plus size swimsuit is to be well supported.

In addition to feeling comfortable during your practice, you must also be able to feel beautiful in your plus size swimsuit!

A good swimsuit is above all a swimsuit adapted to your body shape. CHOOSING YOUR LARGE SIZE SWIMSUIT FOR AQUAFITNESS Our aquafitness swimsuits are designed to fit all women and all body types. That is to say, all our swimsuits range from 38 (Size S) to 52 (Size 2XL). Our entire range is therefore suitable if you are looking for a large size swimsuit for your aquafitness sessions. We also develop swimsuit models up to 56 (Size 3XL). CHEST SUPPORT: FIRST CRITERION OF CHOICE During your aquagym sessions, you will be required to move, move around, potentially jump...

Being in a vertical position, your chest will undergo these movements. This is why it is essential to choose a swimsuit adapted to your practice and your chest. The challenge in the design of our large size swimsuits is to be able to outline the neckline without it being too plunging, in order to avoid water entering and to ensure that you are well supported during the swim. practical. In order to increase the support on our plus size swimsuits, we have also opted for wider straps.

All our aquafitness swimsuits have been designed with integrated bras, without underwiring.

There are 3 levels of support: light, moderate and superior. When choosing your plus size swimsuit, we advise you to opt for moderate or higher support, which will therefore better support your chest.

LARGE SIZE SWIMSUITS WITH MODERATE SUPPORT Suitable for dynamic activities involving movements in the water (Aquazumba, Aquaboxing, etc.), this type of swimsuit has a more elaborate bra, with removable or fixed cups. Large size moderate support swimsuit

LARGE SIZE SWIMSUITS WITH SUPERIOR SUPPORT Suitable for very dynamic activities with many repetitions or jumps (Aquatrampoline, Aquacrosstraining, etc.), this type of swimsuit is made up of molded and fixed shells, providing excellent support for your chest . In addition, the straps are adjustable and thus allow it to adapt to more body types and ensure superior support. Large size swimsuit with superior support AN ADJUSTABLE LARGE SIZE SWIMSUIT THAT ADAPTS TO YOUR MORPHOLOGY To choose your large size swimsuit, it is wise to choose a model with several adjustment zones. The more adjustable your swimsuit is, the more easily it will adapt to your body shape. There are two main adjustment areas on swimsuits. The first is located at the level of the straps, in order to adjust the support of the chest. The second is positioned on the back.

Large size swimsuit THE COVERAGE AND CUTOUT OF YOUR LARGE SIZE SWIMSUIT During your aquagym sessions, you will move, jump, move around! You must therefore turn to a large size swimsuit adapted to your body shape, in which you will feel good, and which you will therefore not need to put back in place every five minutes.

2 types of cutout exist on our swimsuits: the medium cutout and the low cutout. For more coverage, you can also opt for a sporty shorty swimsuit! CHLORINE RESISTANCE The large size swimsuits in our aquafitness range offer you two types of chlorine resistance:

- 100h resistance: suitable if you practice 1 or 2 times a week - 200h resistance:

suitable for more intensive use The key to choosing your large size swimsuit for aquafitness is chest support. Moderate support or greater support will allow you to be well supported and feel comfortable during movements. For more comfort, choose a swimsuit model with adjustable straps, they will allow you to adjust your swimsuit to your body shape.