Handisport EQUIPMENT

Handisport EQUIPMENT


Disability and sport, how to choose your equipment? fitnessterapy gives you the keys to finding equipment adapted to your needs and performing well!

What equipment to choose for disabled sports?

Because the values ​​and benefits of sport must remain accessible to all, the French Handisport Federation offers around 80 different sporting disciplines for people with disabilities. A variety which then allows everyone to find a leisure or competitive activity to fully flourish on a daily basis. In order to practice your sport in the best possible conditions, it is nevertheless important to choose suitable and efficient disabled sports equipment. Through this guide, fitnessterapy offers you real support to find your equipment simply and quickly.


Whatever the sport practiced, a minimum of equipment is always required for a pleasant activity and facilitated performance . In the case of a disability, the choice of your disabled sports equipment  allows you to benefit from the comfort and security essential to your experience. You can thus improve your performance throughout your training and work on your endurance and/or your muscles for unprecedented tone.

Disabled sports equipment for cycling, wheelchair basketball, swimming, or even athletics, sport becomes an outlet and life-saving moment to push your limits and enjoy new sensations. Furthermore, regular practice of sport actively contributes to your good rehabilitation when the onset of a disability is recent. With fun and stimulating exercises, you quickly find greater autonomy and an incomparable source of motivation.


If the choice of sport practiced inevitably influences the type of disabled sports equipment to choose, it is also important to define the intensity of your training, as well as your sporting level. Indeed, the equipment offered may have different degrees of innovation and technicality.

If you only do sports sessions occasionally, your needs will not be the same as for regular, intense training. Depending on your discipline, you can then define whether your equipment should be more or less flexible, more or less responsive or robust, etc.


Every athlete is different and the nature of your disability is just as different. Whether a sports wheelchair, strength training accessories or clothing , you must feel completely comfortable while practicing your sport. We therefore advise you to take the time to make a careful comparison and to carry out fittings when you have the opportunity. You will thus be able to appreciate the differences of each product and choose disabled sports equipment that will meet all your expectations once on the field, in the pool or even on the road.

- Which disabled sports equipment to choose according to your practice? : In order to support you in your search for sports equipment, we detail below some of the varied equipment available for practicing a disabled sport.

- Handibikes for cycling: With a stable and ergonomic seat, bike models dedicated to disabled cycling allow you to pedal using a movement of the arms and not the legs. With your upper body leaning forward or lying on your back depending on the model, you have a wide choice to find the right disabled sports equipment. These specific bikes can then accompany you in different ways on a daily basis.

Indeed, if you can choose to opt for a high-performance handibike for competitions and intense sports training, this type of equipment also allows you greater autonomy on a daily basis. Whether it's leisure rides or frequent trips to work, you enjoy the benefits of cycling for pleasant outings whenever you want.

- Masks for blind football: In order to make football accessible to people with visual impairments, this popular sport is reinventing itself with blindness masks. Indeed, the latter make it possible to protect a particularly sensitive area for players and to limit the risk of injury during contact inherent to this discipline. The different models developed allow you to cover only your eyes, a minimum required by the regulations of the Federation, or to protect more broadly your eyebrow arches and the top of the cheekbones.

The disabled sports equipment for this discipline also includes a football with bells so that each player can locate it more easily on the field. Finally, colored bibs will distinguish the teams thanks to bright tones which will be perceived by the players.

- Wheelchairs for each discipline: Each sport requires specific skills and, therefore, suitable disabled sports equipment. It is for this reason that there are many models of sports wheelchairs. Depending on your activity, you will be able to find equipment designed for your discipline, which will then contribute to your sporting success and your pleasure on the field.

Models dedicated to basketball or tennis notably highlight the qualities of stability and speed, but also and above all ease of rotation. The wheels of this type of disabled sports equipment are therefore inclined so that you can change direction quickly and be responsive to different playing situations. Wheelchairs for hockey or rugby, for their part, have additional equipment with protection for the players' feet. An essential characteristic to play your role as attacker or defender in complete safety during your matches.

Whatever your needs, disabled sports wheelchairs are generally made of titanium to provide you with durable and lightweight equipment. If the models vary depending on your discipline, you can also personalize them for an optimal experience in your sporting activity.


Many muscle strengthening accessories can be adapted to your disabled sports training. Indeed, when you start a new activity or want to improve your performance, it is important not to neglect your physical preparation. You will be able to increase your abilities with longer or more powerful shots, better endurance or even greater responsiveness in your game. Here we detail some examples of disabled sports equipment to use at home.

- Resistance elastics: With a higher or lower resistance depending on the model, the resistance elastic offers you a multitude of possible bodybuilding exercises. Its compact and easy-to-store format also allows you to easily take it with you to continue your training with ease. Do not hesitate to take a kit of elastics with different degrees of resistance to adapt your equipment to the area of ​​the body worked or to your level. You can then take inspiration from various exercises with an elastic band. to strengthen your muscle tone effectively.

- Weight plates: The weight disc allows you a precise load to perform your weight training exercises. By opting for a model with cuffs, you will then be able to benefit from easy-to-use disabled sports equipment to work your biceps, your triceps, as well as your shoulders. Depending on your activity, you develop your muscles in a targeted way for results that achieve all your objectives and regular training, easy to organize at home thanks to reduced disabled sports equipment.

- Mini bike: a concentrate of innovation: The passionate fitnessterapy teams have also developed a mini bike accessible to all. For muscular work on the arms or legs, you benefit from innovative and efficient equipment which will be discreet in your interior. Our mini bike also has a five-function counter to allow you to improve your cardio according to your desires and your goals. Equipment adapted to disabled sports which offers you the opportunity to supplement your indoor or club training with sessions at home which adapt to your schedule constraints.


While muscle strengthening equipment remains fairly accessible, more technical disabled sports equipment such as a wheelchair can quickly represent a significant cost. When you play a sport occasionally, it may be wiser to contact your sports club to rent your equipment. The same goes for children in disabled sports. Their growth requires a regular change of equipment for ideal comfort in their activity. Renting disabled sports equipment allows you to adapt as it evolves, with a controlled budget.

However, if you want to engage in a sporting activity more sustainably and introduce intense training into your routine, it is advisable to buy your own disabled sports equipment. Perfectly adapted to your needs and your disability, your equipment will therefore contribute more to your performance and your gaming experience. You can then count on our expert teams to guide you and advise you during your comparison. A way to ensure a durable and personalized purchase, which you will never want to do without during your training and competitions!

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