Filter bottle | fitness therapy
Gourde filtrante - fitnessterapy
Gourde filtrante - fitnessterapy

Filter bottle | fitness therapy

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Filter bottle

Fitnessterapy presents the Filter Bottle!

You'll be ready to workout anywhere and be hydrated at all times.

Thanks to its filtering system, you can take drinking water directly from your bottle! Give your body the hydration it deserves.

Hydrate wherever you are

Thanks to the BRITA MicroDisc filter, the filter bottle:

Reduces impurities such as certain pesticides for purer tap water
1 year of filtered water = 1440 0.5L plastic bottles avoided
Around €330 in savings per year
1 MicroDisc filter = 20 packs of 0.5L bottled water
Clear, transparent design

- Reduces chlorine and other substances that can alter the taste of water* and impurities such as certain pesticides, herbicides and hormones*

- Retains fine particles ≥ 30µm and preserves minerals*

The BRITA filter bottle limits your use of single-use plastic and allows you to benefit from quality water wherever you are! Every gesture counts.

*if present in tap water

The filter bottle:

- reduces chlorine and other substances* that can alter the taste of water

- retains fine particles ≥ 30 μm

- reduces impurities* such as certain pesticides, herbicides and hormones

*if present in tap water

Fitnessterapy Filter Bottle is an innovative solution for your active life! With a capacity of 450ml and an integrated filtration system, you can enjoy healthy, filtered, and fresh water while you exercise. Filter bottle from Fitnessterapy - your ideal companion for sports and better health.