Fitnessterapy smart connected scale
Balance connecté intelligente - fitnessterapy
Balance connecté intelligente - fitnessterapy

Fitnessterapy smart connected scale

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WIFI and Bluetooth Connected Scale with Body Composition Analysis
(Weight, Fat/Muscle/Bone Mass, Water)
Multi-User Impedance Meter Scale

No. 1 in sales in France

black professional connected scale
When weighing becomes a pleasure, and the monitoring is personalized and precise; Achieving your goals is only a matter of time!

Analyze your body composition with patented dual impedance technology.

Fat, muscle, hydration, bone density, get a 360° view of your body.

Detailed analysis of your progress

Ideal for achieving your weight or sports goal

FULL BODY COMPOSITION TRACKING - Ultra-accurate measurement of weight (kg, lb, st), fat and water percentage, as well as muscle mass and bone mass

MULTI-USER - Personalized recognition of up to eight users who can weigh themselves and access their weight history
FOR EVERY STAGE OF LIFE - Follow the growth of the whole family thanks to Pregnancy Mode (ranges for healthy weight gain and advice from an obstetrician) and Baby Mode, to follow your little ones


Exclusive Position Control technology guides you into the optimal position so that each weighing is accurate to within 0.1 kg / 0.2 kg

Data from each weighing appears automatically via WIFI or Bluetooth in the Health Mate app


Enjoy up to 18 months of battery life with four standard AAA batteries (included)

Find out how much water is in your body.

Analyze your daily, weekly or monthly history in detail to track your progress.

Protein level

Protein is essential to your health.

Knowing your protein level in the body is therefore valuable for optimal results.

  • better understand how your eating routine affects your body: subcutaneous, visceral fat, hydration, BMI, etc. Stop feeling guilty about a simple gap and achieve your goal more easily.

  • Sport and fitness: The connected scale accurately tells you your fitness level: muscle mass, protein level, fat-free weight, etc. Set your goal and put all the chances on your side to achieve it.

  • Well-being: Discover a new way to take care of your body and mind. Follow your 17 indicators day after day and find the right balance to feel good every day.

Used by athletes and recommended by nutritionists

Simply step on this advanced, clinically tested connected scale to instantly get your weight charts, BMI, complete body composition (fat and water percentage and muscle and bone mass), and much more with unrivaled accuracy. Again.

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